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Using a mobile application, organize control over real estate when renting them out for a short-term period.

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Mobile application for organizing the rental of real estate "Rental Calendar"

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In the application, the rental calendar provides simple and convenient functionality for organizing daily rental real estate.
Reservation, mark of accommodation, readiness or lack of readiness of the property for delivery, is reflected in different colors in the form of colored stripes for a certain period of time.
You can add up to 20 objects. The calendar of object states on the main screen continuously reflects 63 days. The result is a continuous table of size 20 by 63, which you can quickly move around by scrolling the screen, which greatly simplifies the work. For each object, a list of states for 2 years is stored, which can be viewed in the list of states. Each state of the object is subject to editing inside the list.
Thanks to the vast experience in renting real estate, we were able to create a convenient tool that we use every day. We hope that with your help we can improve our application.
Remember to make a copy before upgrading!
If you often change the language on your phone, upgrade to version 1.5 and save the state of the objects again.
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